Fastify: An acclaimed faster alternative to ExpressJS

With the birth of NodeJS, the JavaScript Developers Community was blessed, NodeJS enabled them to write the back-end servers in JavaScript as well. So, back-end development was no more rocket science for front-end developers. Now, several NodeJS frameworks have been developed, Fastify and Express are two of those. Express has been around for quite a long time and has been the standard server framework, whereas Fastify is new in the community with less community support but claims faster performance.

According to Fastify's officially published benchmarks of 'simple hello-world', ExpressJS handles 8310 requests/seconds whereas Fastify handles twice of Express stats which is 36082 requests/seconds!

Express, however, has a stronger user base with plenty of documentation available. Express is so popular that it is ubiquitously associated with NodeJS and part of the MEAN and MERN stack. In brief, Fastify promises faster performance with low overhead, but Express is a familiar framework that many developers may be more comfortable working with.

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